A tiny seed of Gold rests inside this monkey

It’s difficult to accept;
that moment when you realize that
it was all a

A lie so profound and
how can I even wrap
my tiny primate brain
around its spindling and
tangled implications?

A tiny seed of Gold rests inside
this monkey.
Dreaming in my belly about the days
when children walk the Earth naked and
barefoot, giggling and playing well
into the later centuries of their
time-space personalities.

Circles within circles,
I Am That,
spiraling in and out of the truth of
this unfathomable microcosm.

The chains have rusted and grown moss,
the steel that binds our shells stretched
so thin, among so many hearts.

Your shackles have never been so
thin, my friend. Don’t be like the elephant that
never forgets the agony of being tied and
beaten. Remember the
strength which your ancestors infused
into your bones.
Stop dousing yourself in fragrance to avoid
the earthy scent of your
shit. Everybody knows
who you are. You can drop the act
Now; the banquet is set.
You need only sit
in your Human,
who patiently awaits
your tender company,

Can we stop arguing over who
will have the more luxuriously
appointed slaves quarters?

Can we stop bickering over who
can accumulate more comfort,
complacency, and complicity?

I was told to live
my life looking through a pin hole.
The greatest gift I’ve received
is the knowledge that all
authority is a lie.
A lie so profane and grotesque that
I couldn’t
but believe it.

To those that claim authority,
and tell us to live lives
so narrowly defined,
let us loving and tenderly respond,
“Sincerely; fuck you. Quo warranto?”
For the sake of the
Liberation of all beings.

The easiest way to
commit an unspeakable atrocity,
is to break it into little parts,
until none of
comprehend what we’re working
Hand out
Business cards,
and let’s give Mother
paper cuts
until her body turns to

There is a policeman inside all
our heads:
he must be

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