Ignoring Unresolved Hatred

When ignoring unresolved hatred and
Rage, I’ve given up completely on Love.

Letting Pandora’s box remain closed means
I shall do the same to my heart.

Running as fast as I can into the
Rose garden
I fail to notice the
Septic field
I trip.

This is
How roses should smell!

“Focus on light!
Let the love into your heart!”
I beg of you;
Shut the fuck up.

Those who know nothing of thier shadows cannot
Hope to comprehend the depth and
Agony of Love.

Those shadows serve us,
A hole where once existed a whole.

In their absence of light they teach
Where I have thus far failed to perceive
And allow
My souls healing.

Only so much luminosity can pass
Through a window made opaque
By its transit through worldly abuses.

I can sit on a mountain and say,
“This is where I’m from!”
And if by “I”, I mean my soul,
I am correct.

But I am more than just
My soul,
Therefore I am
A liar.

Putting a panel of stained glass in a
Mountaintop cathedral
Won’t help its condition if it was
Dragged through the dunes to
Get there.

Take it instead to a deep,
Dark place,
With an impossibly hot fire,
So I want to feint,
And burn away all which has made it

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