Being a Lover

Being a Lover means
My unquenchable thirst is
In the waterfall.

How could I ever expect
A tiny human being to
Do that?

The blind lead the blind
Through the desert,
Fumbling with each others clothes.
The moon witnesses the circles they
Make in the sand,
Dissolved by wind into

Ants crawl on their bellies
Looking for the path to some pot of
Melting honey.
The scent carries them to a white
Sand beach, the waves carry them to

I was born in a river,
Without thirst. Wandering in
The desert, bodily
Fluids remind me
Of home,
My mothers milk whispering
To my palate
As I melt into unity,
“Remember, remember, remember”
Pulsing in rhythm with my heart.

When I look into your wide eyes
And become intoxicated by the
Of your neck,
Can I remember that home
Lives inside me,
A mountain with eternally
Flowing springs?

When I look at a compass
And lonely
I ask, “how do I get home from here?”
I see a jewel in the middle, from where
All directions originate.
Ah! I remember

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