The Night Sky Descends

The night sky descends to
Wrap me up
In her arms.

All of the straight lines
Inside me,
Then, and now, in and out,
My birth and my death,
Hold each other so softly.
They merge as they embrace,
Everything I’ve ran from
Catches up

Surrendering to the stillness
Of this spiral without ends,
Lacking nothing,
A warm palm on my back says,
It’s ok.
Now I have no idea who I am,
And I don’t care.
Being just one I is a prison,
And in this ocean of selves
Why sould I be limited?

Lets abandon all of our aims,
Admit they were distractions,
And sit here together in this non-action.
All distance is collapsed, there is
Nowhere to go, nothing to get,
Nothing that is not present.

We spend our whole lives,
An infinite sea of perfect moments,
Acting, just to prove, “I exist.”
“I matter.”

As the mists fall, and the North Wind
Rises, the time of resting
This is your chance to meet you,
To curl up and look into your eyes
And fall in love.

Don’t waste it
Trying to make wrinkled paper strait.

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