Journeying with Ayahuasca Vancouver

Ayahuasca: Mother of Rebirth takes you on a voyage of understanding, and is packed with information that will be valuable whether you are an experienced journeyer, or just heard about Ayahuasca today.

Subjects covered include:

  • What is Ayahuasca?
  • The Vine, The Brew, The Taste, and The Purge
  • How is Ayahuasca Prepared?
  • Approaching a Ceremony
  • Navigating a Difficult Experience
  • Abuelita: The Spirit of Aya
  • Healing Effects
  • Is Ayahuasca a Shortcut?
  • Journeying Realms
  • Mystical Union with Ayahuasca
  • Historical and Modern Indigenous Use
  • Revivalist Shamanic Traditions
  • Vegetalismo and Syncretic Churches
  • Modern Research
  • New Age Shamanism
  • Witchcraft and Shamanism + Plastic Shamans
  • Dieta: The Spiritual Cleansing Diet
  • …And MUCH more

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In Part II of Ayahuasca: Mother of Rebirth we go deeper into elemental shamanic practice, including shamanic rituals you can perform as part of your personal spiritual practice. You can get it as in eBook or print editions from Amazon (Click Here). Here’s what’s covered:

  • Elemental Wisdom of the Ancestors
  • “Who Am I?”
  • The Element of Earth
  • The Element of Water
  • The Element of Fire
  • The Element of Air
  • How Trauma Affects the Elements
  • Consciousness
  • Strengthening the Mind
  • What is Attachment?
  • Confronting Pain and Identity
  • Your Map of Reality
  • Giving and Taking (Guided Audio Meditation)
  • Post-Ceremony Integration
  • Elemental Shamanic Rituals:
  • Earth Ritual for Rooted Strength
  • Water Ritual for Forgiveness and Release
  • Fire Ritual for Increasing Auspices of the Sun
  • Air Ritual for Soaring in the Astral Wind

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Ayahuasca Vancouver

Ayahuasca Vancouver BC Canada

Ayahuasca Vancouver

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