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Learn everything you really need to know about Ayahuasca. Start with the basics, and then dive into the deep mysteries of shamanic practice.
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Journeying Podcast

Listen to testimonials, ceremony music, and talks on shamanism from our community on the Journeying Podcast Page. There you can enjoy the sounds and thoughts that knit us together.
When you listen to this ceremonial music, you may experience a “calling”. Many people feel that this type of spiritual practice is something which calls to you. It may speak to your body and your soul, when you’re ready. Similarly, when you are listening to the testimonials and the talks, you may see why we enter into this challenging right of passage by choice. This is a confronting path, but there are many rewards along the way.
Who is Ankhara?

Carrying blood descended from the Táltos shamanic tradition has made for a never boring journey in this life. Within those teachings it’s said that a Táltos is born with full ability, but no understanding. I’ve attempted to know my inner-self, and in doing so I’ve discovered that existential joy was always waiting for me, just beyond my ignorance.


My grandmother taught me what she could of our heritage, though much of our tradition was wiped out through hundreds of years of oppression. Her teachings were always practical. She taught me in a simple way: learning by doing. Those simple teachings on how to work with plants, medicines, and energy in my early childhood set me down a lifelong path of discovery.

The world I live in is one where all “things” think and feel and express.

A world where there is space to breathe, and everything is gently interconnected. As I’ve walked down this path, I’ve been blessed to be surrounded by a community that is committed to creating a kinder world from the inside out—even if we each have to go through our own personal hell to get to heaven. At least we can walk through these challenging times hand-in-hand.


I’ve had the privilege of opening a door, one with an illuminating wisdom behind it. When the light comes through, it shines on everything that is beautiful and also on everything that is ugly. It shines on everyone, and kindness blossoms.

With Love and Gratitude,

Ayahuasca Vancouver

“If you think that the Truth can be known from words, if you think that the Sun and the ocean can pass through that tiny opening called the mouth, O someone should start laughing! Someone should start wildly Laughing – Now!”