My Body and Heart Fall in Love

My body and heart
Fall in love,
My mind pouts and protests,
“You go on without me.
I have indigestion.”

Sitting at home alone
Distracted by the tiny messes
And suspicions and
He wonders why his ephemeral
Existence is so hollow and

Imagining his friends out
Galaxies pulsing and writhing,
New planets form from star-stuff,
Giggling while they climb the ladder
In a circle.

Why is that such a stretch for
Me? Don’t I deserve

But the body and heart
Are two wild children that never
Remember long,
And the mind has been a watchful
And diligent parent since

The great reptiles of old know how to
Slink out the back door when
The spectre of pain knocks at the

Always trimming the hedgerows
Always mortaring cracks and replacing
Bricks in this dusty fortification
Only stepping outside for fresh air on the
Clearest of moonlit

Drunk and singing a simple song of
Unparalleled beauty,
Two stupefied friends stumble through the
Kings doorway.

Tenderly rubbing and caressing one another,
No moment could be more

Unaware of the foul mood of their
Watchful companion,
Paradise blossoms around their
Toes, bubbling springs flow out in all directions,
Nurture all, and are
Never diminished or

The mind blushes at its own foolishness
And abandons itself into

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