Wandering Through the Shadows

You’re wandering through the
I want you to know
With all my heart
There is
Another side.

You feel empty and so profoundly
In your skin.
My skin has been empty

Keep waking.
Keep wandering toward the tiny specks
Of light
And love
When you see them.

It’s a fucking long road.
We’re all broken.
And yet there is a part that can never
Be diminished.
You’re afraid that it’s dead,
And, my beloved, you need to know
That child is waiting for you
Here with me.

Our arms are open,
We’re sipping tea.
I’m still broken but now,
My shards sit in the palm
Of my hand
No longer filling
My being.

I’m inviting you,
The tea is warm
And sour;
We can drink deeply,

Come sit with all of us,
In a circle of love
And we will gather the pieces of our hearts
Into One.

Human consciousness has been frozen,
No more.
Welcome to the spring of the heart,
The darkness of winter is still
Chilling. To the bone.
But look behind the dying warnings
Of the old,
To what is being born.
Don’t ignore the shadows,
Or they have won.
Don’t fear grief, or even hurt,
Or you have abandoned the most
Precious gifts.

We must
The patriarchy is towering above,
It is broken.
We all see,
It is broken.
We no longer fear being broken,
Or being alone,
And it’s power is

We are all in this together.
If you do not KNOW this,
In your body,
You are stuck in the shadows.
And so, here we are,
Sobbing so deeply,
Heaving in the shadows,
Walking away from a broken
And hopeless world.

We are strong enough to do this.
If one thousand of us survive
We have won.
This child and I beg of you,
Keep walking until you find

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