Across the World

Across the world angels
lie in wait
Slumbering and lazy in this time
Of mourning
The morning of the Soul
After An impossibly
long night.

Angels bent
But not broken
On the wheel.

Waking and gathering
Sleeper agents asleep
No longer.

Rubbing our eyes we walk together and
Into our wholeness.

The golden light pours down on
Blue robes, blue wings, and long, curving

Standing in the gentle breeze,
A calm expression of tender love
And one single

A Mormon church is standing,
And then stands no more.
Black ooze pours from
The belly
And then stops.

A mass
Stands before,
And then slides to the ground.
All is forgiven.

Congress argues endlessly
Barely human, ripe with corruption,
Complete in its end. Peace. Peace. Peace.
Peace that comes from left
To right, wide eyes like boiled eggs stare
In amazement
At the glory.

Billions of shackled hands rise
And in one motion the chains
In a song
Of raucous laughter
And a sea of bodies writhing
In union.
Not one tear of remorse
Is shed.

We stand naked at the window.
The night is calm
The pressure of millions of tons of concrete and glass
Firmly crushing the bedrock of
Our beloved mother.
In stillness, release.
The edifice sails through the night,
A whispering cloud of rubble and broken glass rushing to
Greet the Dawn.

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