Ecstatic and Enraptured

Ecstatic and enraptured, wrapped
around you,
flying high on the wings and feathers
that sprout on me whenever I’m staring into
your soul.
The sacred fragment of God wedged
deep inside your

I’m young and green, will you help me learn
what it means to love,
in the comfortable breeze of
your shade?

Inside of me a seed germinates and
the cherry pit splits open
so that my heart may stand bare
in the sun.

Water me, preserve my
in a world gone brittle and stale.
Be a tall, thin candle next to me,
melting, dissolving,
into the silent sacred hours,
where dreams come to fruition,
where you and I disappear and
we giggle and joke about
the unknown concept of

I see you
I want you
and I want you to see you how
only I
Peel away your layers until your nakedness
is vertical,
and we will climb that tree of life to a place
so delicate and subtle
I cannot say.

Butterflies dance in the garden of my youth,
tongues extend to drink nectar that
in the sun,
I dream of you in longing;
the butterflies
inside of me.

My greatest pleasure is the way that
you shiver
as my hands glide across your
The spirit inside me bows
to the dignity of the flesh,
an eruption of secret wishes
wash up from a hidden spring,
I lie in the current
swept away in the silent scent
of your skin against

take me to that protected grove
where you expose yourself to the fingers of
the wind,
I grasp for words to contain the boundless
knowing, that brushes my hair aside and
‘I remember when you were just
a restless dream.’
We’ve spent too much time apart,
too many moments pretending that there is
a ‘you’
and a ‘me’…
I’m begging you!
Merge into this wholeness and remind me
what it’s like to know;
‘There’s nothing that is not Me.’
How it feels when there is nothing left
to long for,
As I weep inside profound, satiated,

Entrance me with stories of
a paradise that lives in an
eternal moment,
wrap me up in a warm blanket of cardamom wind,
and caress that tender hidden part of me that trusts
the setting of the sun and the
of the tide.

Do all of this
unto me
that my heart might remember
beyond all hope of ever
the fragment of Life that
inside my unquenchable thirst
for You.

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