I Can’t Blame Anyone

A toxic and
suicidal world.

Or is it?
I’ve never heard a shrimp say,
“There’s no hope in this. Who am I?”

Humans have been fighting for
3 million years but,
when did our bickering with each other descend
into total war?

When did we find something we could imagine was
all this fighting?

Ashes to ashes and dust
in my sinuses,
I can’t help but sneeze when
I think of arguing over,
” ‘There should be more that,
and that more this,’
Coming from those
sitting in a wagon,
in a ditch.”

I can’t blame anyone for our collective
clinging desperation to the endless addictions;
I can’t seem to detach my own.

Those fond memories of eating burgers and shakes
With a man I used to call ‘Dad’.

I’ve given up on the
idea that there is one
Right way
to live.

I only hope that I can find
A way
that works for me and
The Descendants,
and that all the other
will do the same.

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