Untouched Below the Tree a Perfectly Wrapped Gift

Untouched below the tree
a perfectly wrapped gift
has your name on it.

The card reads,
“With deepest love and affection,
all the best in the new year!
You deserve it.

I sit in anticipation as you
Tenderly unwrap yourself,
wrapped in a cloak of unimaginable
glory, your eyes sparkle at me
and your voice quivers,
“Thank you! I love you so much!”

But, I’m not Santa Claus.
The card was not a joke;
your swim in divine grace has
nothing to do with me.
I’m just a messenger, a
hollow vessel for His sacred

I put it under the tree but it is not
mine to give, not
from me, only

I won’t correct you, just now.
“You’re welcome beloved,
you absolutely deserve what has
always been your birthright, and
if you misplace it in the basement
again, I will retrieve it next

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