Have You Ever Sat and Watched

Have you ever sat
And watched a rosebud
Unfold at dawn
For the first time?

Sacred moisture drawn
From the mystery
Pushes the green door open,
So slowly
With tenderness and fragrance that can’t help
But break my heart.

Who has the patience
To sit, in silent presence
And hold space for whatever emerges from beyond
The veil?

Use caution, if you approach this one.

As the shards fall from your chest
Making music as they fall and
Dance on the floor,
My eyes burn into yours
Two bodies completely destroyed,
Only one spirit remains,
Reflected infinitely between the
In our chests.

Use caution, I say again.
Once you’re treasure chest is unlocked
And the rusted lock jams open
The universe inside will
What you used to imagine it meant,
What the fairy-tails told you was

In the destruction
You will be scattered
And spread across the face
Of All.
Nothing you have known about
Will make any sense, here.
Yield, to your deeper nature, and there
Is nothing
To fear.

If you have the courage,
Nothing could ever reward you
More richly
Than the sacred stream that flows
And is never
Less, coursing
Between you and I, my love.

How can this be?
If I am a bucket with a few drops
And I pour them
Into you
I am left with

If I take my bucket and fill it
From the headwaters
And guide you to the peak
Climbing slowly to
The climax
You can fill your bucket

When we arrive
We can collapse and hold
Within the truth of
Whatever it is
We feel.

Just know,
With absolute certainty,
That what you receive cannot ever
Be possessed.
If you grasp, you will destroy it.
As soon as you ask for it
It is lost.

But look inside, go
And you need never go without

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