A Completely New Song

A completely new song is
Blaring throughout

Deafening waves of sound crush
Everything I believed about

Not even the angels
Can imagine
How to dance to this,

So then, who?
Who shall teach me?

The steps are woven
into the fabric of existence,
I stumble around trying to match
The driving beats of
Ten dimensional hyper-space.

The wolves in my heart howl,
They scratch at the door in the moon, begging
To be let
To hunt. But,

I hear the soft breath of
The slumbering children
In the village,
I smell the salt on their skin.

I’ve risked enough lives
In my insane and shambling shuffle;
Let’s practice this dance,
My beloved,
Letting our bodies press
Impossibly close,
Moving with a rhythm and harmony
That cannot be taught,
Or comprehended.

And let’s let the sweet children,
And the wolves that carry them
On their backs,
For now.

Only once this ambrosia is
And this new paradigm of movement
-Breaking all limitations-
Feels natural,
Will it be safe to let the wolves of
Genesis be free,
Carrying a child
And a new universe
In their jaws
To this path.

Carrying so much weight,
Moving in circles under a
Black moonless sky
With roots
All around
Risks an injury that might
Never fully heal…

When that new day breaks,
A dawn fashioned of golden melting honey
Guiding us home,
Hands held, laughing and satisfied,
We’ll be so proud of the impossible
And care
We took in this
Sacred practice.

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