A Black Cat Scrabbles

A black cat scrabbles at the
door to the Heart,
trying to find the cat door but
none exists.

Green and wooly,
a ball of yarn rolls
and the slinky cat,
distracted now,
rolls with the ball and bats at it,
filled with imagination.

In her fantasy she dreams,
she’s on the other side of the
locked door.
That unexplored
Dreaming, and rolling,
she’s eventually convinced
that’s where she is!
“This ball of yarn must be the Heart!”
She assures herself.

A sign is posted,
“You are now in the Heart!”
and other creatures gather around,
starry eyed.

“How did we get in the Heart, and why is it the same as everywhere else?”
“Why, through this door!” The cat explains.
“How did you reach the knob?”
The cat’s well meaning illusion, and her Prophetic identity,

Back up, claws out, she retreats.

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