Threatened By a Sobbing Man

Why are you so threatened by
A sobbing man?

He’s gone diving for pearls in
His bowels, he’s no menace
To you.

Tell your neighbours and relatives,
“He wants you to feel sorry
For him. He wants to manipulate you.”

He cries louder, but not for your ears.
His tears are lamenting your
To your own

He weeps,
Begging your tear ducts to find
The integrity to join his
In song.

There’s a child
Inside you
Who’s sick of the lies that leave
Your mouth.
Speak the truth,
Say it with your eyes.

A cruel lying world has blocked
The light in your chest with tar.
Here’s your gift,
A chance to set it free:

Close your mouth.
Close your ears.
Feel what it means to give
And lose.

He continues to feel
All, and everything.
Do you have the courage to
Before you speak?

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