Durable Enough to Surrender

I’m strong enough to be
bent in half in your gale.
I’m durable enough to surrender.
I trust enough, care enough, to watch unflinching
as you walk away.

I’m sitting in the sand, my lap
fills with pearls and shells, feeling
the heat of your burning heart as it
melts in the sun.

At night,
your heart cools and becomes hard again.
I will wait until the sun rises, and
in the winter when you’re covered
with snow,
if I must,
I’ll wait until spring comes again but;
why not go skiing and make
your heart into hot coco?

Time always reveals what’s true,
perpetually eroding and returning the sharp points
into the void.

Inside of you exists the
strength to bend.
The courage to be vulnerable.
A key which disarms and dissolves the boundary between Self and Other.
In time, when you feel safe, when we’re
two trees who’s roots have grown together
not through focused effort, but through the
natural progression of the macrocosmic
dance of growth and evolution,
you’ll find that my roots have
pushed up into your heart.
On that day,
surrender to me.

Until then, let’s laugh and wrestle like
children, pushing each other over and
testing to see who’s stronger
in the spirit of love
and play.

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