In My Garden

In my garden once
Flowered petals so tender
That a single touch would shatter

Lying on the paving stones,
My bone marrow
Fills in the cracks;
I long for sweet crescent moon with
Broken eyes.

I stayed there for a month,
Watching the sun rise and fall
The soft petals falling on me
whispering to my

Winter took the flower.
For years, in the spring, I waited
But it never came again.
I watered the ground where it had been
With soft tears
For so long, eventually I moved

Back in my home village after wandering
In warm and comfortable
For a lifetime,
The source of softness greets me
At my old doorstep.

The petals are the same!
But climate change
And, I’m not so young as I once was.
Winters now come sooner than
And I wonder,
Will the cold stay away long enough,
For this magic to warm my soul?

Now I /really/ see the grace
Now I know the value
Of the truth.

Perhaps now, I can experience this
Profound unfolding
In one

If the wind takes the petals before
This blossom has a chance to
Press its face against mine,
I trust that magic timeless time
Between you
And I,
The soft rain and the gentle waves,
Will soften the edges of my heart
If I ever forget what it means to
Deeply love

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