Half Monkey Half Divine

Half monkey
half divine,
my Diamond Heart will never
Fall from integrity;
The ape in me can’t seem to stop
throwing shit.

I can’t stop my
sharp edges from stinging you,
though I can kiss the scrapes and
feed you masaman.

Human integrity is far from perfect:
my heart has a special container labeled,
“Human Mistake Cleanup Kit and Lesson Plans”
Inside the kit, the capacity to be compassionate for the infinite ways that
learning experiences can be painful.
I hope that you have such
a kit for me, when I fall and cut my lip,
in need of stitches,
and the blood from my lesson flows onto
your white dress.

It’s never my intention to
hurt you, but the animal
in me has sharp claws;
not yet domesticated.
A loving nuzzle
unties the stitches in your wounds.

If you want a pair of loving and fumbling paws to
help you wash out the wounds,
Here I am.

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